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TLR steering damper - anyone not running it?

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  • TLR steering damper - anyone not running it?

    Since purchasing the TLR, each small mod (compliments of you guys) has made improvements in rideability & handling (Thankfully - stock it scared me day 1 on some bumbpy country corners)

    Although suspension is stock, I've got new 1unlop 108s (180/55 rear), forks dropped 10mm, Jamies suspension settings (with some adjustments) & 16 tooth countershaft sprocket.

    Bike feels like it's on rails & no nasty shakes so far, but I'm considering removing the steering damper completely for a while & see how that goes. (So many other bikes don't require them. I don't have the spare neddies to buy an aftermarket & used bits are non-existant here)

    While it confidently turns & holds line very well now, am I chasing the 'more is better' (and sometimes disasterous) formula?

    Other performance mods include full RS3 S/S, BMC filter, airbox mod & re-map.

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    Im not running a dampener at the moment on my TLR, it was delivered minus it. So Im just riding without... havent had much head shake except on Turn 3 in Spokane. Its a cresting left sweeper you do at about 120+, when the front unloads she will shake a bit but its not uncontrollable. Setting the suspension height and tire pressures have made a huge difference for me.
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      I have an adjustable unit on my bike, and have ridden the TLR on the weakest setting, and I think the TLR would be OK without the stock damper. It all comes down to preference, and the roads you ride. I prefer having a damper on, though at a lower stiffness setting than the stock unit.

      Hope this helped.
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        I know most guys here will say not to run without one, and it's not bad advice.
        I personally haven't had a steering damper on my bike since 99 with no problems.
        I keep meaning to get a good adjustable one, but just haven't seem to be able to part with the money for one yet.


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          Tried filling the stocker up with 2.5W oil? Helped heaps with my TLS.
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            Have 2.5 wt in it now.

            My only real concern is that I regulalry carry a pillion & the weight bias is dramatically changed (no dear... I'm didn't say you were heavy... )


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              too late... ur in the sh$t now!
              Don't cha know the Yellow one's are fastest!


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                If you need a stock damper let me know. I have two collecting dust in the closet.

                I rode mine for a week without one just to see what it was like...let's just say, I'll be keeping my Ohlins on and at the 7th click
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                  I rode mine a few hours without cause I lost one of those stupid little washers that bolts it up, anyways. The roads here in Quebec are so shitty that as soon as I would open her up a little she would start to shake. Got a new washer and put it back on immediately. Its safer with then without and I can live with the added effort.
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                    Excactly what TYPE of fluid is it that you replace the original with?
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                      I ride without mine.

                      Sure it shakes a littel now and then. Im in your position. I want a damper, but I don't have the cash.

                      Kind of have gotten used to the TLR without damper...
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                        I have a stock one as well just collecting dust, I've been using an ohlins for about 2 years now with no problems, I've ridden a ton of bikes with and with out and I would have to say I ride with. I know most bikes don't have them and up until a couple of years ago they didn't put themm on race bike. I guess andything that will save my ass from going down I'll invest some cash into
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                          Originally posted by J-Bone
                          Excactly what TYPE of fluid is it that you replace the original with?
                          I just used 2.5W fork oil. Seems to be the norm for changing the oil.
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                            The ol' Dampner story: So, there I was, on a Sunday afternoon in 1989 with the throttle pegged on my 89' GSXR 750. Hair on fire, chasing some of my closest friends. Things were fine for the day. All was well.......until.......

                            I came out of a left-hander hard on the juice, hit a little ripple (wash board) in the road and threw my bike in to "lock-to-lock". If you've never felt the joys of this, then you truely haven't sh!t your pants yet.

                            Pulled over, smoked about a pack, watered the trees and tied my legs together as to stop the shaking. 30 minutes later, I was at the dealer buying a brand new dampner. Ever since then, I have gone through 2 on my 89' and working on my second one for my 01'. No problems with the TLR yet.

                            Just my experience. Use the info like a library card!!!

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                              I had my only one and true slapper on my '89 as well, went over some train tracks at about 60mph and went into a full lock to lock one, don't know how the steering stop tabs didn't snap off.

                              The rear let go as well and I was in an uncontrolable two wheel slide from left to right, saw smoke coming of all four wheels of a car coming the other way as I crossed in and out of his lane.

                              The lack of reaction by me (all I was thinking was this is gong to hurt) probably saved me, the slides became less and less violent the the final one put me back in my lane only just. Must have come close to loosing my mirror and peg on the now stationary car, don't know where my feet were, but they left the pegs way back.

                              I rode home, changed and went and bought a damper that afternoon. I never rode that bike without it, and I wil not ride my TLS without one either.

                              I'd sooner bitch about slow speed manoeuvrability and have to put up with a bit more effort in turning the thing in at speed than go though anything like that again.

                              I've also had the unfortunate experience of seeing a guy exiting a corner on an FZR1000 (which I thought were a pretty stable bike) hit a bump and go into a slapper that threw him and the bike down real hard. I got a pretty good look at the whole thing as we were heading toward each other.

                              If anyone has had one or seen one, you wouldn't ride without a steering damper and you'd put up with the disadvantages. The thing is, you never know when you'll need it, or how often it has saved you.
                              "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"