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A Question for the TLS smart guys..

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  • A Question for the TLS smart guys..

    Which years was a red TLS available?

    It seems my brother-in-law might be buying a red TLS instead of a steeenkin' Harley.

    So how 'bout it smart guys ?

    Of course the blue ones are faster, you mean you didn't know that?

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    Also, near death with a car bumper.

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    I'm not smart, but I think the Red was available every year it was made.
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      From the US Suzuki web site...

      97 Red and Green
      98 Black
      99 Red (listed as Orange?)
      00 Red
      01 Blue


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        I beilieve the bright red was available every year except 1999. In 1999 Suzuki only made the Dark Red called Candy Koran Orange or something like that.
        Frank Corona