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  • Need new tires

    I am picking up a 00 yellow tlr today but it will need both new tires. Where is the cheapest place that sells in pairs.


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    I've always ordered my tires from Cahaparral but I'm sure there're others out there that are cheaper.

    But, I just wanted to pass on that Fairfax Cycles is the cheapest place to have them mounted (in the NoVa area). I took my wheels off and took them in, I expected to have to pick them up the next day, but they started on them right then! I just can’t remember if it was $20 or $20 per wheel.

    BTW... Welcome to the Planet


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      BTW, you can buy a couple tickets at $3 a shot! M1's I believe.


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        "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"


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          got my last set from DMT

          they do both online sales and have a shop, which if you were in denver i hear they have great mount/balance prices

          oh yea...welcome

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            Is fairfax cycle in Fairfax Va if so you should also try out crossroad cycles ask for dennis he is also cheap and will put any part on you bike just the same as if you bought it from him. He once told me that He can't get a good price for what I wanted so try to find a cheaper one elcewhere and I did.

            Don't have the bike yet so I don't have pic's Fri I will try.

            Thanks all



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              I always go to a track where the are some RR training and buy a set that have gone about 20-30 minutes at the track.

              I pay approx $80 for a rear Pirelli SuperCorsa 180/55 supersoft (or Soft, if I cant get the SuperSoft. Alternative is Metzler Rennsport RS1, smae price)

              They last for about 3000km road driving, and your track days are for free, tirewise...

              In the end, its about hte same prizetag as a "normal" street tire, but these are SO MUCH BETTER that I really don´t want anything else than SuperCorsa (or Rennsport).
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                Nice another faster yellow one
                And welcome
                Originally posted by TLCURT
                Because TL's fucking rock.

                It's a cult own one is to love one.