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Harley rider dies

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  • Harley rider dies

    I heard on the news that this congressman who had 12 speeding violations ran passed a stop sign and killed a rider.

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    I read about this at Motorcycle Online. Evidently the driver has a long history of thinking he is above the law due to his political office.

    I see the mother of all wrongful death civil litigations coming his way. I hope the family of that fallen rider cleans his clock. A bit of criminal prosecution would be in order too as far as I am concerned. This was not an "accident". The guy has a history of being a menace behind the wheel.

    RIP. Another biker killed by an idiot in a cage.
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      when his car collided with a motorcycle
      That's a reversal of the norm where it is usually the motorcycle collides with a car, whether in the right or wrong.
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        Sad part is I'll bet the asshat gets away with it.
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          There was a similar incident several years ago in Tennessee, where a senator or congressman or something like that struck and killed a rider... I wish I could remember the particulars, it was a huge issue on AMA's bandwagon for a while.

          Totally sucks. My heartfelt sympathies to the rider's family. RIP.
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            He'll get away with it.


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              Originally posted by Wingspan
              He'll get away with it.
              I agree, but I hope we're wrong.

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                I hope he doesn't get away with this....
                He is a link to an article from the Washington Post...
                Washington Post Article summary...
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