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Track day tires for a heavy rider?

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    Ive been considering those as im afraid im not fast enough to keep the michelins hot! i sure like the idea tho.


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      Some moderate effort track video of me on my TLR on my youtube channel:

      I'm about 310lbs with all my gear on and have been using (both street and track) Michelin Pilot Power variants(original and 2CT) for 12 years on all my TLRs. I have yet to encounter a better cool weather tire. As for riding in the wet, the siping on them is very effective at pumping water away.

      -Don't worry about not getting enough heat in them, you'll get plenty into them.
      -Don't worry about rain, they are probably the best in the rain you can get, for not being a dedicated rain tire.
      -If you are doing a track day when its hotter than hell, they do feel a little greasy out there when they heat up. not bad though.
      -I run them at 31psi front, and 29psi rear(cold pressures).

      Just make sure your suspension parts are fairly fresh, that is just as important(if not more) than the tires you select.

      Have fun out there!

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