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Setting up a TLS for track days

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    That's all easy money bro. Body work. Meh. gauges. just go aftermarket. Front rim, bang it out. Subframe bolt; hammer, drill, easy out. Wiring harness, good opportunity to delete all the unnecessary stuff for track work.

    Then document all of this for our enjoyment.

    A write-up on building a custom race harness would also be very enjoyable.

    Thanks in advance Qwik.


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      Originally posted by Qwik View Post
      The bad..... It has no bodywork. Im waiting on a fleabay guage bracket, front rim is dinged bad, subframe has a bolt broken off for the gas tank mount (thats bent as well), forks are damaged, and the wiring harness has been hacked up.

      the good.... it has 6500 miles on the engine. On a quick ride in front of the house the damned thing makes great power and sounds like hell unleashed (Two Brothers slip-on's)
      Where are you located?
      Double Trouble - Two Black 98 TLSs

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        Lincoln California (Just north east of Sacramento) couple hours from Thunderhill and two and a half from Sears point.


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          Decided to convert my TLR instead. It already has second gen Busa forks and lots of tasty mods. Stripped the led lights off the race tail and slowly pulling everything else that isnt needed for the track. Should be fun. Riding Thunderhill West on Sunday and east on Monday.