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Monticello July 4th and 5th?

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  • Monticello July 4th and 5th?

    Anyone going? Running North course on the 4th and 66 course on the 5th. I will be there the 5th only. Can't wait to try out a new track! Running with TPM...It will be my first time with that org, but I've heard good things about them....

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    Re: Monticello July 4th and 5th?

    New Track!? Where?? what outfit is putting the day together?


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      Re: Monticello July 4th and 5th?

      I guess the track has been there a while, but they just started allowing bikes. It's in Monticello, NY. Right now, I think only Team Pro Motion and Tony's Track Days runs there, but I could be wrong. I ran the 66 course yesterday and it was a blast! A little intimidating the first couple of sessions - it's a VERY technical track! VERY fast also! 2 big straights lots of tight turns, couple high speed sweepers....My little SV had trouble on the straights, but I was able to catch back up in the turns. It would've been much better if it was geared differently (it's geared for NHMS). Next time, I'm bringing the TL!