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TLS SOAS refurbishment kits

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  • TLS SOAS refurbishment kits

    As many here know the TLS SOAS (Spring on a stick) as sparepart is not any more available for years.
    Bitubo offers a complete replacement unit.
    As the Suzuki SOAS is not made to maintain I thought of a refurbishing kit using new parts and the old SOAS to rebuild.
    The Prototypes are ready and tested, so I can start a group buy. I need a min. of 20 Kits that I can let it fab from ma CNC turning and billing supplier.
    I also started on different TL1000 Facebook groups, already 10 Kits are ordered till now.

    The Idea is to do a new, much better push rod leading unit with push rod, open the OEM SOAS, grind a thread into it and install the new leading unit with push rod and OEM parts to get a unit which works much better and which can be maintained, and this for a fraction of the price for a Bitubo SOAS unit.

    The result is a unit which can be installed if you have a possibillity to remove the spring from the SOAS, a turning machine, a possibillity to cut a M23x1 inside thread with the turning machine or by a thread drill and a 14mm diameter drill.

    For the european guys I offer to do this works for 50 Euro and take a OEM TLS SOAS in exchange, in Australia Joseph Salter from ride Dynamics will do for the local guys, maybe in the US there is a guy who will do for the locals.

    The basic unit will be 95 Europlus shipment this replaces the lead and push rod of the OEM SOAS. The OEM spring preaload nuts,cutted housing and fork is re-used.

    In addtion you can add a new cnc fabed spring preload nut for additional 55 Euro.

    Also additional is a new CNC fabed housing with a Íhlins ball joint instead if the OEM rubber-metal bearing, much more effeective in my eyes.
    But this complete unit is additional 136 Euros, so not cheap.

    All aluminium parts are made of 7075 T6 and anodized in the colour of your choice, silver, gold, black, blue and red is possible.
    The push rod is made of a special steel for damper push rods, hard chromed.
    I can add a coating on the push rod in Black (Carbon layer) or gold Titanium Nitride for 40 Euro.

    Cheers, Frank

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      Love it!!
      '97 TLS
      K&N filter
      WP rearshock
      Hyperpro front internals
      Nissin calipers
      Full M4
      Harris rearset
      UFO 2.0
      ZeroLimits heelplates, airducts, hugger
      Ermax bellypan
      Driven chain+sprockets and fuelcap
      Vandriver goodies
      ZX10 look mirrors with integr. signals
      6000k HiD + custom angeleye headlight

      ...and more to follow