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TLS billet sprocket cover interest?

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  • TLS billet sprocket cover interest?

    They would be the same design as my TLR version, just corrected for the S bolt pattern. Any interest? - Click the banner below, to see what I have for your bike.

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    Done: Not enough, but spent too much

    In progress: Financial Controller (wife) says Nothing . Hang on, I'm divorced now! Ooh, what can I buy

    Wish List: Sentinel


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      interested very interested

      well the coierce is 80 so im guessing less than that
      Originally posted by thor
      Freak is from TN....Thus a TOTAL hick, so I will have to honor his oppinion on this as it does pertain to jumping cars over rivers, which his hick status gives him automatic authority and expertise in thus said field.

      like you needed proof lassee was well....
      Originally posted by tl1000lasse
      Thanks guys I can feel the love
      Pappa the backdoor is never closed for you why dont you cum inside it sometimes and thor thanks for all the pretty pics


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          interested? DOES A BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS of course

          put me down for one -raw or pollished prefured please



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            might as well i guess,im keen but let me pay for the damn pressure plate first,do you find you have to do alot of cleaning with this thing,chain lube etc flinging off?


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              Originally posted by MIKE FORD
              ...,do you find you have to do alot of cleaning with this thing,chain lube etc flinging off?
     is easier with it...
              Just a few mods:

              Silver, the fastest color!

              On the inside - HID type bulbs, K&N filter, Iridium ix plugs, 16T front sprocket, Coerce billet sprocket cover, Yosh re-map +5, +5, +5 11 o'clock, Scorpio SE-i500 system from my GB and an ATRE.

              On the outside - TLR forks, front carbon fender, 5/8th master brake cylinder, black SS brake lines (frnt & rear), braking waves all around with Ti bolts, Brembo gold front calipers & a busa gold rear caliper, flush mount signals (frnt & rear), ZG DB scr


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                Yes please! I would be in!


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                  I am down depending on cost


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                    yeah I think me too. Bike does not appear to be going anywhere.


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                      Yes please 1 for me


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                        I guess I´m in too....

                        I been looking at this things for a loooong time and I
                        cant decide if they are cool or not?!

                        The piece itself is ultra cool.... but on the bike...?

                        Well... I would take a black one if the price is right...and
                        your stuff always is!

                        But stop working on other things and get the damn
                        pressureplate ready first!!!

                        Cant we just make a monthly drawing from our bank accounts
                        to yours?

                        Keep up the good work... we all love it!

                        Work in progress........always


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                          I think i might need one of these as well.
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                            TL1000 FORKS FOR SALE
                            Leather Joe rocket Fully perforated jacket for sale size 50

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                            Guy2 |0--|1--|2--|3--|4


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                              Airbox mod, K&N, Gilles gold vario bars, Corbin seat, yoshimura high mount carbon fullsystem, Pedro TRI GPI, double bubble black, black PVM 10 Y wheels, PC II 128RWHP 110NM, black bagster, gsxr 600 2004 front end, carbon fender, goodridge brake lines, brembo resevoirs, Galfer HH pads, sprint steering damper, gilles gold rearsets, Ohlins rear, Pilot Powers, 6 spring clutch+barnett springs, CCC, galfer 300mm wave rotors, ziggy999 sliders Gilles gold chain adjusters+lifters, Ziggy999 RHA , Pazzoracing levers gold/black, gold rear brake, Galfer rear wave rotor, fast tags, clear led rear light, GAP mod, 520 16-40 vortex