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Please Buy All My Parts (1997 TLS)

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  • Please Buy All My Parts (1997 TLS)

    Tried to sell all this before but now it really has to happen as I'm moving overseas in a month (Jan 2019). As I have not looked into prices in a while, many are probably outdated. If it's low - huzzah for you - if it's high, just message with a fair offer - I'd like to find use for as much stuff as possible. Shipping will be additional but I'll keep it at cost.

    Also, if you need that one random wire harness, bolt, hose fitting, whatever - PM me, there's a good chance I have it sitting around. I can do pictures of anything on request. There are some double entries from a parts bike and upgrades. If anyone is close to Denver and wants to buy the whole lot, I'd be happy to sell everything at a discount.

    *List will be updated as items sell.

    Stock ECU $150

    Upper Left Fairing (Green) in good shape, used, some scratches $150

    Inner Left Fairing (Green), good condition $30 (I have 2)

    Inner Right Fairing (Green), good condition $30

    Right Side Ram Air Cover (Carbon Look), perfect condition $35

    Sub Frame $65

    Swingarm $75

    Stock Undertail Plastic (License plate part removed) $25

    Stock Windshield (scratched, will need to be polished, might not be worth it) $20

    Main Seat (stock, great condition) $50

    SOLD - Rear Solo Hump (Green, some light scratches ) $75

    I have the rear plastics in green, but they were disassembled, partially sanded, and drilled for an LED turn signal conversion (never finished).
    Probably not many people looking for these, but let me know if you need them.

    2x Fort Tubes (sets) (One set assembled, one disassembled but complete) $100/set

    2x Stock Front Brake sets (w/stock brake lines) $35/set

    Throttle + Complete R/H Handlebar + brake lever, good condition $65

    L/H Foot Controls (all - stock) $75

    Stock Front Brake Reservoir $20

    Stock Rear Brake Reservoir $20

    Stock Rear Brake + Carrier arm $35

    Rear Tail Light (works but some rash damage) $20

    2x Stock Steering Damper $25/ea

    Stock Rear Rotary Damper $30

    Stock Rear Spring (red) on piston $40

    Stock Rear Spring only (red) removed from piston) $20

    Front Axle $15

    Kickstand $30

    Fuel Rail / Throttle Bodies (set) $85

    Radiator and hoses (some dings and scratches but no leaks) $45

    Oil Radiator and hoses (") $40

    Horn $10

    Small Front Gear $20

    43 Tooth Renthal Sprocket Rear 43T 530 Ultralight Hard Ano (used 6 months) $50

    JSD 2-A Switched TRE (timing retard eliminator), unused $75

    Carbon Look (metal) replacement brake lever, new $10
    Original brake lever, good condition, $8

    Fiberglass Undertail (unpainted, perfect condition, never installed) replaces stock plastic $90
    (was $170 new, still have the receipt)

    Custom Exhaust Hangers + Turn Signals
    (eliminates passenger pegs, look good) $50

    Tools for TLS:
    Komoto Draggin 19mm Hex Steering Head Locknut Tool, good condition $65
    Komoto Draggin 32mm Suzuki Swingarm Locknut Tool, good condition $40
    Komoto Draggin 15/16 Suzuki Engine Mount Locknut Tool, good condition $35
    Craftsman 36mm socket, good condition $10
    Powerbuilt 32mm socket, good condition, $8

    HifloFiltro HF138 Oil Filter (1), unused $5
    Bosch platinum +2 4308 Spark Plugs (6), unused $6 each
    Galfer FD156G1532 Green (Kevlar) brake pad set (2), unused $40 each

    Steering Head Seal, lower (51644-12C00), unused $7
    All Balls Seal-Taper (33-1003) (2), unused $5 each

    Various bolts, bits, and parts - please inquire
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    Rear solo hump sold.


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      Hey all,

      I'm going to start posting things to eBay later this week, so please let me know ASAP if you want something. Definitely prefer to sell direct to a cool community.