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    Hey guys... my Van's order is here so I have a few parts to offer up for sale, and a couple others I had laying around.

    All prices are SHIPPED prices... US only (I will ship overseas, but you will have to add the shipping difference to these prices)

    If these items get no action after about a week, I will entertain other offers through PM. Please don't lowball me, be fair... just because you want to pay $20.00 for a headlight assembly, doesn't mean I'll sell you one for that price.

    $50.00 shipped - OEM 1997 TLS top yoke: This is the pre recall one, so no hole for damper mount, it used the recall bracket instead... nice if you don't want to run a damper, and don't want a hole there. Excellent condition, no deep scratches, gouges, etc...

    $20.00 shipped - Real carbon fiber TLS top yoke cover: Like new condition... put it on the bike, then got a Van's top yoke. Real carbon fiber, I think it was a Lockhart Phillips. Nice and thick... good quality. This is also for the pre-recall top triple as there is no cutout for the front damper bracket, but this can easily be made to fit the 98+ top triple with a Dremel, or drill.

    $150.00 shipped - TLS headlight assembly: I bought this to begin doing clear headlight mods but no one wanted to pay what the mods were worth... I don't have the time or money to do one with no buyer, so I'll just try to get my money back for the headlight. Great condition, no deep scratches or cracks, no broken tabs, etc... A couple light scratches on the lens, but should buff out, not deep at all.

    $5.00 shipped - OEM 97 TLS clutch cover gasket: This is the one that was made to fit ONLY the 97 TLS (it will fit them all, but you don't want it to). This one was installed on my OEM CC then I got a Van's CCC with a 98+ gasket, so this one only has a couple hundred miles on it, so it can be used. I don't know why you would want this one, as the 98+ can be made to work in the 97 and they are thicker and less prone to leaks... but if you really want this one, throw me $5.00 and it's yours. (cost almost $13.00 from dealer).

    $30.00 shipped - OEM 97 TLS clutch pressure plate: This is ONLY for the 1997 TLS as that is the only model with a 5 bolt pressure plate. Taken from my TLS with 7k miles, it's in EXCELLENT condition. (those are not scratches on the back in the pic, it's lint from wiping it off). Is your pressure plate shot? Need to sell your Van's 5 bolt plate and you don't have your OEM one... well... here ya go!

    $500.00 shipped - OEM 97 TLS wheels powdercoated bright white: I had the wheels from my TLS powdercoated bright white by Derby City Plating last year. The look FANTASTIC and are in PERFECT condition with no dents, scratches, etc... to the wheels. Bearings, cush drive, etc... all included. There may be a couple tiny marks on the wheels since I've had them done, but nothing you will see. The picture is from a few months ago (still had the D&D's on there) but they still look that good! (WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE USA, PREFER NOT TO SHIP AT ALL, will take off $$$ if you pick these up somehow)


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    Re: TLS parts

    CF top triple cover sold pending payment!


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      Re: TLS parts

      CF top triple cover SOLD over at the Zone to phatbstrd... thanks!


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        Re: TLS parts

        Bump for offers... any and all offers considered!

        I also have my OEM clip ons for sale in excellent condition. Pics and prices (probably in a seperate thread) tomorrow.

        I have to sell the old stuff to buy new stuff guys... the vendors here NEED me!