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feeler carbon fibre seat covers

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  • feeler carbon fibre seat covers

    I have a friend who is a motor trimmer and we were looking at vinyl fabrics.

    he can get the carbon fibre lookalike vinyl

    I looked at the sample and it looks the part.

    I have seats that he can use to pattern the covers on , so all you'd need is a staple gun and a bit of patience.

    register your interest here and if it looks like its worthwhile we'll get into it.

    I am getting 2 of my seats reprofiled like a corbin so this may be a mod he could offer too.

    we'll look at prices when he recovers my seats

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    Re: feeler carbon fibre seat covers

    Ghost and I already have CF lookalike seat covers. I would possibly be interested in one for the passenger seat to match it if the material is the same.
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      Re: feeler carbon fibre seat covers

      maybe me, but depending on lots of factors:
      and if i decide to shave my seat...

      will the humps top cover (that little piece) will be available too?
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        Re: feeler carbon fibre seat covers

        Depends on price. I was considering elongating my subframe and seat if I extended the swingarm, in which case I'd have to recover it.

        I've got to warn you about the Corbin. Really comfy if you don't mind not being able to change position. But it cups your butt and makes it hard to hang off, sticks you implace like a tractor seat and makes you ride like an old-timer from before racers hung off. Really hard to move your bod around like you should with a concave seat. Makes you sit lower but the high sides make you have to move forward to flat-foot the ground, standing near the back of the seat has the high sides in your way. I'm sure you know what they're TLS was set up for touring.
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          Re: feeler carbon fibre seat covers

          Interested...I would like the passenger seat done up as well.


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            Re: feeler carbon fibre seat covers

            Count me in , dependant on seeing a sample of the cloth