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TLR and TLS fuel pumps

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  • TLR and TLS fuel pumps

    I can refurbish your broken fuel pump with a new pump, wires and fittings. $100 plus shipping. Once I get the pump I can turn it around in a week or less. Send me a PM if interested.

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    Re: TLR and TLS fuel pumps

    Hmmm, could be interesting. Do you have specs for the pump and maybe some pictures.
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      Re: TLR and TLS fuel pumps

      The pump is an Airtex E7012, same as several of our members use. I don't have pictures, but it looks very close to what the stock one looks like and it fits in place pretty well. I have to remove part of the bracket and rubber grommets so it will fit securely but otherwise it fits in.


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        Re: TLR and TLS fuel pumps

        Sorry, no pics. I can post one the next time I do the rebuild. There are some pics on this site of the modification.

        You can find some information on this particular pump at the link below. Once I modify the fuel pump bracket, grommets and fuel line, the new fuel pump fits right in securely. And, most importantly it works great. The pump is a little noisier than the stock one, but only at startup. I have a full Yoshimura exhaust on my TL and I cannot hear it when the bike is running. When the key is turned and the pump cycles it sounds pretty cool too!

        It's a much better alternative to buying an OEM Suzuki pump or even buying a used pump. All you have to do is throw yours in a box and you'll get one that works back! I can even throw in a 30 day guarantee.

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          Re: TLR and TLS fuel pumps

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